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Bảng giá thang cáp 2021

Giá thang cáp sơn tĩnh điện 2021

Tên sản phẩm Mã sản phẩm Đơn giá (VND/m)
Thang cáp 100x50x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x50x0.8-STD 109,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x50x1.0-STD 128,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x50x1.2-STD 148,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x50x1.5-STD 178,000
Thang cáp 100x50x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x50x2.0-STD 227,000
Thang cáp 150x50x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x50x0.8-STD 114,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x50x1.0-STD 135,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x50x1.2-STD 156,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x50x1.5-STD 187,000
Thang cáp 150x50x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x50x2.0-STD 240,000
Thang cáp 200x50x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x50x0.8-STD 120,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x50x1.0-STD 142,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x50x1.2-STD 164,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x50x1.5-STD 197,000
Thang cáp 200x50x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x50x2.0-STD 252,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x50x1.2-STD 180,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x50x1.5-STD 216,000
Thang cáp 300x50x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x50x2.0-STD 277,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x50x1.2-STD 196,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x50x1.5-STD 236,000
Thang cáp 400x50x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x50x2.0-STD 302,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x50x1.2-STD 228,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x50x1.5-STD 274,000
Thang cáp 600x50x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x50x2.0-STD 351,000
Thang cáp 100x75x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x75x0.8-STD 133,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x75x1.0-STD 157,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x75x1.2-STD 181,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x75x1.5-STD 218,000
Thang cáp 100x75x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x75x2.0-STD 279,000
Thang cáp 150x75x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x75x0.8-STD 138,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x75x1.0-STD 164,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x75x1.2-STD 189,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x75x1.5-STD 228,000
Thang cáp 150x75x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x75x2.0-STD 291,000
Thang cáp 200x75x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x75x0.8-STD 144,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x75x1.0-STD 171,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x75x1.2-STD 197,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x75x1.5-STD 237,000
Thang cáp 200x75x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x75x2.0-STD 304,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x75x1.2-STD 213,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x75x1.5-STD 256,000
Thang cáp 300x75x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x75x2.0-STD 328,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x75x1.2-STD 229,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x75x1.5-STD 276,000
Thang cáp 400x75x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x75x2.0-STD 353,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x75x1.2-STD 261,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x75x1.5-STD 314,000
Thang cáp 600x75x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x75x2.0-STD 403,000
Thang cáp 100x100x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x100x0.8-STD 157,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x100x1.0-STD 186,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x100x1.2-STD 215,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x100x1.5-STD 258,000
Thang cáp 100x100x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC100x100x2.0-STD 330,000
Thang cáp 150x100x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x100x0.8-STD 162,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x100x1.0-STD 192,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x100x1.2-STD 222,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x100x1.5-STD 268,000
Thang cáp 150x100x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x100x2.0-STD 343,000
Thang cáp 200x100x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x100x0.8-STD 168,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x100x1.0-STD 199,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x100x1.2-STD 230,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x100x1.5-STD 277,000
Thang cáp 200x100x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x100x2.0-STD 355,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x100x1.2-STD 246,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x100x1.5-STD 296,000
Thang cáp 300x100x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x100x2.0-STD 380,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x100x1.2-STD 262,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x100x1.5-STD 316,000
Thang cáp 400x100x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x100x2.0-STD 405,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x100x1.2-STD 294,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x100x1.5-STD 354,000
Thang cáp 600x100x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x100x2.0-STD 454,000
Thang cáp 150x150x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x150x0.8-STD 210,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x150x1.0-STD 249,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x150x1.2-STD 289,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x150x1.5-STD 348,000
Thang cáp 150x150x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC150x150x2.0-STD 446,000
Thang cáp 200x150x0.8 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x150x0.8-STD 216,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x150x1.0-STD 256,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x150x1.2-STD 297,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x150x1.5-STD 357,000
Thang cáp 200x150x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC200x150x2.0-STD 458,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x150x1.2-STD 313,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x150x1.5-STD 377,000
Thang cáp 300x150x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC300x150x2.0-STD 483,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x150x1.2-STD 329,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x150x1.5-STD 396,000
Thang cáp 400x150x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC400x150x2.0-STD 508,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.2 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x150x1.2-STD 360,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.5 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x150x1.5-STD 434,000
Thang cáp 600x150x2.0 sơn tĩnh điện TC600x150x2.0-STD 558,000

Giá thang cáp tôn tráng kẽm 2021

Tên sản phẩm Mã sản phẩm Đơn giá (VND/m)
Thang cáp 100x50x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x50x0.8-TTK 85,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x50x1.0-TTK 105,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x50x1.2-TTK 125,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x50x1.5-TTK 154,000
Thang cáp 100x50x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x50x2.0-TTK 204,000
Thang cáp 150x50x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x50x0.8-TTK 90,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x50x1.0-TTK 111,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x50x1.2-TTK 131,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x50x1.5-TTK 163,000
Thang cáp 150x50x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x50x2.0-TTK 215,000
Thang cáp 200x50x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x50x0.8-TTK 94,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x50x1.0-TTK 116,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x50x1.2-TTK 138,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x50x1.5-TTK 171,000
Thang cáp 200x50x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x50x2.0-TTK 226,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x50x1.2-TTK 151,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x50x1.5-TTK 188,000
Thang cáp 300x50x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x50x2.0-TTK 248,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x50x1.2-TTK 165,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x50x1.5-TTK 204,000
Thang cáp 400x50x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x50x2.0-TTK 270,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x50x1.2-TTK 191,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x50x1.5-TTK 238,000
Thang cáp 600x50x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x50x2.0-TTK 315,000
Thang cáp 100x75x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x75x0.8-TTK 104,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x75x1.0-TTK 128,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x75x1.2-TTK 153,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x75x1.5-TTK 189,000
Thang cáp 100x75x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x75x2.0-TTK 250,000
Thang cáp 150x75x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x75x0.8-TTK 108,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x75x1.0-TTK 134,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x75x1.2-TTK 159,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x75x1.5-TTK 197,000
Thang cáp 150x75x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x75x2.0-TTK 261,000
Thang cáp 200x75x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x75x0.8-TTK 113,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x75x1.0-TTK 139,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x75x1.2-TTK 166,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x75x1.5-TTK 206,000
Thang cáp 200x75x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x75x2.0-TTK 272,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x75x1.2-TTK 179,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x75x1.5-TTK 222,000
Thang cáp 300x75x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x75x2.0-TTK 294,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x75x1.2-TTK 192,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x75x1.5-TTK 239,000
Thang cáp 400x75x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x75x2.0-TTK 316,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x75x1.2-TTK 219,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x75x1.5-TTK 272,000
Thang cáp 600x75x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x75x2.0-TTK 361,000
Thang cáp 100x100x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x100x0.8-TTK 122,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x100x1.0-TTK 151,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x100x1.2-TTK 180,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x100x1.5-TTK 224,000
Thang cáp 100x100x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC100x100x2.0-TTK 296,000
Thang cáp 150x100x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x100x0.8-TTK 127,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x100x1.0-TTK 157,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x100x1.2-TTK 187,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x100x1.5-TTK 232,000
Thang cáp 150x100x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x100x2.0-TTK 307,000
Thang cáp 200x100x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x100x0.8-TTK 131,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x100x1.0-TTK 162,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x100x1.2-TTK 194,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x100x1.5-TTK 240,000
Thang cáp 200x100x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x100x2.0-TTK 318,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x100x1.2-TTK 207,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x100x1.5-TTK 257,000
Thang cáp 300x100x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x100x2.0-TTK 340,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x100x1.2-TTK 220,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x100x1.5-TTK 274,000
Thang cáp 400x100x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x100x2.0-TTK 363,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x100x1.2-TTK 247,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x100x1.5-TTK 307,000
Thang cáp 600x100x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x100x2.0-TTK 407,000
Thang cáp 150x150x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x150x0.8-TTK 164,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x150x1.0-TTK 203,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x150x1.2-TTK 242,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x150x1.5-TTK 301,000
Thang cáp 150x150x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC150x150x2.0-TTK 400,000
Thang cáp 200x150x0.8 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x150x0.8-TTK 168,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x150x1.0-TTK 208,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x150x1.2-TTK 249,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x150x1.5-TTK 310,000
Thang cáp 200x150x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC200x150x2.0-TTK 411,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x150x1.2-TTK 262,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x150x1.5-TTK 326,000
Thang cáp 300x150x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC300x150x2.0-TTK 433,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x150x1.2-TTK 275,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x150x1.5-TTK 343,000
Thang cáp 400x150x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC400x150x2.0-TTK 455,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.2 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x150x1.2-TTK 302,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.5 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x150x1.5-TTK 376,000
Thang cáp 600x150x2.0 tôn tráng kẽm TC600x150x2.0-TTK 499,000

Giá thang cáp mạ kẽm nhúng nóng 2021

Tên sản phẩm Mã sản phẩm Đơn giá (VND/m)
Thang cáp 100x50x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC100x50x1.5-KNN 200,000
Thang cáp 100x50x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC100x50x2.0-KNN 265,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x50x1.5-KNN 211,000
Thang cáp 150x50x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x50x2.0-KNN 280,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x50x1.5-KNN 222,000
Thang cáp 200x50x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x50x2.0-KNN 294,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x50x1.5-KNN 244,000
Thang cáp 300x50x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x50x2.0-KNN 323,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x50x1.5-KNN 266,000
Thang cáp 400x50x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x50x2.0-KNN 352,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x50x1.5-KNN 309,000
Thang cáp 600x50x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x50x2.0-KNN 410,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC100x75x1.5-KNN 246,000
Thang cáp 100x75x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC100x75x2.0-KNN 325,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x75x1.5-KNN 257,000
Thang cáp 150x75x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x75x2.0-KNN 340,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x75x1.5-KNN 267,000
Thang cáp 200x75x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x75x2.0-KNN 354,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x75x1.5-KNN 289,000
Thang cáp 300x75x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x75x2.0-KNN 383,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x75x1.5-KNN 311,000
Thang cáp 400x75x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x75x2.0-KNN 412,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x75x1.5-KNN 354,000
Thang cáp 600x75x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x75x2.0-KNN 471,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC100x100x1.5-KNN 291,000
Thang cáp 100x100x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC100x100x2.0-KNN 386,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x100x1.5-KNN 302,000
Thang cáp 150x100x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x100x2.0-KNN 400,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x100x1.5-KNN 313,000
Thang cáp 200x100x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x100x2.0-KNN 415,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x100x1.5-KNN 335,000
Thang cáp 300x100x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x100x2.0-KNN 444,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x100x1.5-KNN 356,000
Thang cáp 400x100x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x100x2.0-KNN 473,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x100x1.5-KNN 400,000
Thang cáp 600x100x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x100x2.0-KNN 531,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x150x1.5-KNN 393,000
Thang cáp 150x150x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC150x150x2.0-KNN 521,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x150x1.5-KNN 403,000
Thang cáp 200x150x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC200x150x2.0-KNN 536,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x150x1.5-KNN 425,000
Thang cáp 300x150x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC300x150x2.0-KNN 565,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x150x1.5-KNN 447,000
Thang cáp 400x150x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC400x150x2.0-KNN 594,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.5 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x150x1.5-KNN 490,000
Thang cáp 600x150x2.0 mạ kẽm nhúng nóng TC600x150x2.0-KNN 652,000

Giá thang cáp inox 304 2021

Tên sản phẩm Mã sản phẩm Đơn giá (VND/m)
Thang cáp 100x50x0.8 inox 304 TC100x50x0.8-INO 246,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.0 inox 304 TC100x50x1.0-INO 306,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.2 inox 304 TC100x50x1.2-INO 366,000
Thang cáp 100x50x1.5 inox 304 TC100x50x1.5-INO 456,000
Thang cáp 100x50x2.0 inox 304 TC100x50x2.0-INO 606,000
Thang cáp 150x50x0.8 inox 304 TC150x50x0.8-INO 260,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.0 inox 304 TC150x50x1.0-INO 323,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.2 inox 304 TC150x50x1.2-INO 386,000
Thang cáp 150x50x1.5 inox 304 TC150x50x1.5-INO 481,000
Thang cáp 150x50x2.0 inox 304 TC150x50x2.0-INO 640,000
Thang cáp 200x50x0.8 inox 304 TC200x50x0.8-INO 273,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.0 inox 304 TC200x50x1.0-INO 340,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.2 inox 304 TC200x50x1.2-INO 406,000
Thang cáp 200x50x1.5 inox 304 TC200x50x1.5-INO 507,000
Thang cáp 200x50x2.0 inox 304 TC200x50x2.0-INO 673,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.2 inox 304 TC300x50x1.2-INO 447,000
Thang cáp 300x50x1.5 inox 304 TC300x50x1.5-INO 557,000
Thang cáp 300x50x2.0 inox 304 TC300x50x2.0-INO 741,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.2 inox 304 TC400x50x1.2-INO 487,000
Thang cáp 400x50x1.5 inox 304 TC400x50x1.5-INO 607,000
Thang cáp 400x50x2.0 inox 304 TC400x50x2.0-INO 808,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.2 inox 304 TC600x50x1.2-INO 568,000
Thang cáp 600x50x1.5 inox 304 TC600x50x1.5-INO 708,000
Thang cáp 600x50x2.0 inox 304 TC600x50x2.0-INO 942,000
Thang cáp 100x75x0.8 inox 304 TC100x75x0.8-INO 302,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.0 inox 304 TC100x75x1.0-INO 376,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.2 inox 304 TC100x75x1.2-INO 450,000
Thang cáp 100x75x1.5 inox 304 TC100x75x1.5-INO 561,000
Thang cáp 100x75x2.0 inox 304 TC100x75x2.0-INO 746,000
Thang cáp 150x75x0.8 inox 304 TC150x75x0.8-INO 316,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.0 inox 304 TC150x75x1.0-INO 393,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.2 inox 304 TC150x75x1.2-INO 470,000
Thang cáp 150x75x1.5 inox 304 TC150x75x1.5-INO 586,000
Thang cáp 150x75x2.0 inox 304 TC150x75x2.0-INO 780,000
Thang cáp 200x75x0.8 inox 304 TC200x75x0.8-INO 329,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.0 inox 304 TC200x75x1.0-INO 410,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.2 inox 304 TC200x75x1.2-INO 491,000
Thang cáp 200x75x1.5 inox 304 TC200x75x1.5-INO 612,000
Thang cáp 200x75x2.0 inox 304 TC200x75x2.0-INO 813,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.2 inox 304 TC300x75x1.2-INO 531,000
Thang cáp 300x75x1.5 inox 304 TC300x75x1.5-INO 662,000
Thang cáp 300x75x2.0 inox 304 TC300x75x2.0-INO 881,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.2 inox 304 TC400x75x1.2-INO 571,000
Thang cáp 400x75x1.5 inox 304 TC400x75x1.5-INO 713,000
Thang cáp 400x75x2.0 inox 304 TC400x75x2.0-INO 948,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.2 inox 304 TC600x75x1.2-INO 652,000
Thang cáp 600x75x1.5 inox 304 TC600x75x1.5-INO 813,000
Thang cáp 600x75x2.0 inox 304 TC600x75x2.0-INO 1,082,000
Thang cáp 100x100x0.8 inox 304 TC100x100x0.8-INO 358,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.0 inox 304 TC100x100x1.0-INO 446,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.2 inox 304 TC100x100x1.2-INO 534,000
Thang cáp 100x100x1.5 inox 304 TC100x100x1.5-INO 666,000
Thang cáp 100x100x2.0 inox 304 TC100x100x2.0-INO 886,000
Thang cáp 150x100x0.8 inox 304 TC150x100x0.8-INO 372,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.0 inox 304 TC150x100x1.0-INO 463,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.2 inox 304 TC150x100x1.2-INO 554,000
Thang cáp 150x100x1.5 inox 304 TC150x100x1.5-INO 691,000
Thang cáp 150x100x2.0 inox 304 TC150x100x2.0-INO 920,000
Thang cáp 200x100x0.8 inox 304 TC200x100x0.8-INO 385,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.0 inox 304 TC200x100x1.0-INO 480,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.2 inox 304 TC200x100x1.2-INO 575,000
Thang cáp 200x100x1.5 inox 304 TC200x100x1.5-INO 717,000
Thang cáp 200x100x2.0 inox 304 TC200x100x2.0-INO 954,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.2 inox 304 TC300x100x1.2-INO 615,000
Thang cáp 300x100x1.5 inox 304 TC300x100x1.5-INO 767,000
Thang cáp 300x100x2.0 inox 304 TC300x100x2.0-INO 1,021,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.2 inox 304 TC400x100x1.2-INO 655,000
Thang cáp 400x100x1.5 inox 304 TC400x100x1.5-INO 818,000
Thang cáp 400x100x2.0 inox 304 TC400x100x2.0-INO 1,088,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.2 inox 304 TC600x100x1.2-INO 736,000
Thang cáp 600x100x1.5 inox 304 TC600x100x1.5-INO 918,000
Thang cáp 600x100x2.0 inox 304 TC600x100x2.0-INO 1,223,000
Thang cáp 150x150x0.8 inox 304 TC150x150x0.8-INO 484,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.0 inox 304 TC150x150x1.0-INO 603,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.2 inox 304 TC150x150x1.2-INO 723,000
Thang cáp 150x150x1.5 inox 304 TC150x150x1.5-INO 902,000
Thang cáp 150x150x2.0 inox 304 TC150x150x2.0-INO 1,200,000
Thang cáp 200x150x0.8 inox 304 TC200x150x0.8-INO 497,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.0 inox 304 TC200x150x1.0-INO 620,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.2 inox 304 TC200x150x1.2-INO 743,000
Thang cáp 200x150x1.5 inox 304 TC200x150x1.5-INO 927,000
Thang cáp 200x150x2.0 inox 304 TC200x150x2.0-INO 1,234,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.2 inox 304 TC300x150x1.2-INO 783,000
Thang cáp 300x150x1.5 inox 304 TC300x150x1.5-INO 977,000
Thang cáp 300x150x2.0 inox 304 TC300x150x2.0-INO 1,301,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.2 inox 304 TC400x150x1.2-INO 823,000
Thang cáp 400x150x1.5 inox 304 TC400x150x1.5-INO 1,028,000
Thang cáp 400x150x2.0 inox 304 TC400x150x2.0-INO 1,368,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.2 inox 304 TC600x150x1.2-INO 904,000
Thang cáp 600x150x1.5 inox 304 TC600x150x1.5-INO 1,129,000
Thang cáp 600x150x2.0 inox 304 TC600x150x2.0-INO 1,503,000